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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 24: Default of subscriber; sale; deficiency or surplus; action; forfeiture

Section 24. If capital stock issued for cash is to be paid for in full before it is issued, and the subscriber refuses or neglects to pay the amount demanded for thirty days after the time limited for payment in the demand made under section twenty-two, his rights of subscription may be sold by public auction by the treasurer of the corporation, who, out of the proceeds of such sale, shall pay to the corporation the amount then due from such subscriber with interest and incidental charges, first giving notice by mail to such subscriber, not less than ten days prior to such sale, of the time and place appointed therefor and of the amount due and payable by him. Upon the sale of such rights as aforesaid, the directors shall give the purchaser a certificate thereof. If the rights of such subscriber do not sell for an amount sufficient to pay the amount due from him with interest and charges of sale he shall be liable to the corporation in an action at law for the deficiency; if they sell for more, he shall be entitled to the surplus. At the expiration of thirty days after the time limited for payment as aforesaid, the directors may waive their right to offer such rights for sale, and may elect to proceed at law against such delinquent subscriber to recover all amounts due and payable by him with interest. If said rights are not sold at said auction, or if a judgment rendered in an action against a subscriber remains unsatisfied for thirty days, all amounts previously paid by him shall be forfeited to the corporation.