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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 85: Dissenting stockholder; right to demand payment for stock; exception

Section 85. A stockholder in any corporation organized under the laws of Massachusetts which shall have duly voted to consolidate or merge with another corporation or corporations under the provisions of sections seventy-eight or seventy-nine who objects to such consolidation or merger may demand payment for his stock from the resulting or surviving corporation and an appraisal in accordance with the provisions of sections eighty-six to ninety-eight, inclusive, and such stockholder and the resulting or surviving corporation shall have the rights and duties and follow the procedure set forth in those sections. This section shall not apply to the holders of any shares of stock of a constituent corporation surviving a merger if, as permitted by subsection (c) of section seventy-eight, the merger did not require for its approval a vote of the stockholders of the surviving corporation.