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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 87: Statement of rights of objecting stockholders in notice of meeting; form

Section 87. The notice of the meeting of stockholders at which the approval of such proposed action is to be considered shall contain a statement of the rights of objecting stockholders. The giving of such notice shall not be deemed to create any rights in any stockholder receiving the same to demand payment for his stock, and the directors may authorize the inclusion in any such notice of a statement of opinion by the management as to the existence or non-existence of the right of the stockholders to demand payment for their stock on account of the proposed corporate action. The notice may be in such form as the directors or officers calling the meeting deem advisable, but the following form of notice shall be sufficient to comply with this section:

''If the action proposed is approved by the stockholders at the meeting and effected by the corporation, any stockholder (1) who files with the corporation before the taking of the vote on the approval of such action, written objection to the proposed action stating that he intends to demand payment for his shares if the action is taken and (2) whose shares are not voted in favor of such action has or may have the right to demand in writing from the corporation (or, in the case of a consolidation or merger, the name of the resulting or surviving corporation shall be inserted), within twenty days after the date of mailing to him of notice in writing that the corporate action has become effective, payment for his shares and an appraisal of the value thereof. Such corporation and any such stockholder shall in such cases have the rights and duties and shall follow the procedure set forth in sections 88 to 98, inclusive, of chapter 156B of the General Laws of Massachusetts.''