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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Use of word co-operative in connection with other businesses; penalty

Section 8. Any person, partnership, association or corporation, domestic or foreign, except employee cooperatives organized under chapter one hundred and fifty-seven A and co-operative banks and corporations organized under section ten, transacting business for profit in the commonwealth under any name or title containing the word ''co-operative'', unless the net earnings thereof are distributed in a manner permitted for a co-operative corporation by this chapter, shall forfeit to the commonwealth not more than ten dollars for every day or part thereof during which such name or title is so used. Such forfeiture may be recovered by an information brought in the supreme judicial or superior court by the attorney general, at the relation of the state secretary. Upon such information, the court may issue a temporary or permanent injunction restraining such person, partnership, association or corporation from doing business in the commonwealth, or from so using such name or title, and may make such other orders and decrees as justice and equity may require.