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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 41: Submission of certificate to secretary; approval; filing; fee

Section 41. The certificate or copy which is required by section eleven, fifteen, thirty-two, thirty-seven, thirty-nine or forty to be filed shall, before filing, be submitted to the secretary, who shall examine the same; and if it appears to him to be a sufficient compliance in form with the requirements of law, he shall certify his approval thereof by endorsement upon the same; but he shall endorse only the date and fact of submission to his inspection upon the copies of votes of corporations; and upon the payment of the fee provided by section forty-three, the same may be filed in the office of the state secretary; and, upon such filing, the corporation and its officers shall be conclusively held to have complied with the requirements of law in respect to the filing of such certificate or copy, except that it may be shown in evidence that the statements made in such certificate or copy were false, and were known to be so by any officer signing or making oath to the same.