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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 12: Amendment, suspension or revocation; hearing

Section 12. Any certificate, permit or license may, upon application of the holder thereof and after notice and hearing as provided by paragraph (b) of section three, be amended. Any permit, certificate or license, upon written application of the holder thereof to the department, may, without such notice and hearing, be suspended or revoked in whole or in part.

After a hearing, at least ten days' notice whereof shall be mailed to the holder of the certificate, permit or license in question at the address shown on the department records, the department may revoke, or suspend for such period of time as it may deem fit, any such certificate, permit or license, in whole or in part, for any violation of any provision of this chapter or of the orders, rules and regulations of the department made, adopted or established under authority thereof, or of any lawful requirement, condition, limitation or restriction contained in such certificate, permit or license. Any such certificate, permit or license shall remain in effect unless and until revoked by the department as herein provided, but subject to suspension as aforesaid.

No such certificate, permit or license shall be transferred, without the consent of the department, pending any complaint or hearing upon or in which the question of its revocation or suspension depends or is involved, and the effect of such revocation or suspension shall not be avoided by any such transfer, or by a transfer thereafter or by any other device or subterfuge.