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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19A: Transportation bills; credit; exemptions

Section 19A. Transportation bills for all transportation charges by common carriers of property by motor vehicle shall be presented or mailed to the shippers within seven calendar days from twelve o'clock midnight following delivery of the property. Such carriers may extend credit in the amount of such charges to those who undertake to pay them for a period of fifteen days, excluding Sundays and legal holidays, from the date of presentation or mailing of the transportation bills. If payment for transportation is not received by the carrier before the expiration of the period set forth above, such carrier is prohibited from engaging in any transportation operations for such shipper, except upon a cash basis, until final settlement and payment for the original transportation has been made. This section does not apply to the commonwealth and its political subdivisions and shall have no application to the transportation of rubbish, demolition waste and other waste materials. The department upon determining a violation exists under this section, involving construction dump trucks, shall prohibit all such certificate holders under its jurisdiction from furnishing transportation services to the shipper involved in the violation until and unless the violation has been removed.