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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 104A: Building, equipment or machinery moving; duty of railroad; reimbursement of costs

Section 104A. Whenever a person wishes to move a building, equipment or machinery over the right of way of a railroad corporation at the location of the crossing of said right of way and a public way and such movement will require the cutting, disconnecting or removal of any of the wires owned, operated or maintained by said railroad corporation in connection with its business, said railroad corporation shall forthwith cut, disconnect or remove the same, if such person has sent a written statement, signed by him, of the time when and the place, described by reference to such crossing, where he wishes such wires to be removed, and mailed, postage prepaid, to said corporation at least ten days before the time mentioned in said statement. Such person shall reimburse the railroad corporation for all costs incurred in connection with such movement, including the cost of protecting the trains, equipment and other property of the railroad corporation at the location, and the costs of cutting, disconnecting or removing the wires and replacing the same.