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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 213: Tariff

Section 213. Upon the petition of one or more persons who desire to forward milk by the can over any railroad or any portion thereof, the department, after notice to the railroad corporation and a hearing, shall ascertain and compare the tariff established as aforesaid for milk by the can with the rate charged or received as aforesaid for milk in large quantities over such railroad or such portion thereof; and if the former is, in the judgment of the department, higher than the latter, the department shall revise said tariff and shall fix such rate for milk by the can as it finds to be the rate for milk in large quantities, including in both cases the same care and preservation of the milk and the return of the empty cans, as aforesaid; and shall notify the corporation in writing of the rate by the can so fixed over such railroad or such portion thereof; but the rates by the can so fixed shall not be higher than the rates charged by the same railroad corporation for a longer distance on any part of its system.