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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 235A: Clearing of inflammable material along right of way

Section 235A. Every railroad corporation shall, between April first and December first in each year, keep the full width of all its locations, to a point two hundred feet distant from the center line on each side thereof, clear of dead leaves, dead grass, dry brush or other inflammable material, and shall not at any time leave any deposit of fire, hot ashes or live coals upon its locations in the immediate vicinity of woodlands or grass lands, and shall post in stations and other conspicuous places within its location and right of way such notices and warning placards as are furnished to it for the purpose by the director of the division of forests and parks in the department of environmental management; provided, that this section shall not prohibit any railroad corporation from piling or keeping upon its location or right of way cross-ties or other material necessary for the maintenance and operation of its railroad.