General Laws

Section 1. In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words shall have the following meanings:

“Board of aldermen”, or “selectmen”, includes the board or other authority exercising the powers of a board of aldermen or of selectmen, but nothing in this chapter shall affect the veto power of a mayor of a city.

“Company”, a street railway company.

“Department”, department of public utilities.

“Extension”, any railway constructed by a street railway company in a city or town in addition to that authorized by its original location therein.

“Location”, as applied to a street railway, the grant to a street railway company of the right to construct, maintain and operate a street railway in a public way or place.

“Original”, as applied to a street railway location in a city or town, the first location granted to the company in such city or town.

“Public way”, any way laid out by public authority.

“Street railway” or “railway”, a railway, including poles, wires or other appliances and equipment connected therewith, of the class operated by motive power other than steam, and usually constructed upon public ways and places.