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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14: Stockholders' meetings

Section 14. There shall be an annual meeting of the stockholders, and the time and place of holding it, and the manner of conducting it, shall be fixed by the by-laws. All meetings of stockholders shall be held in the commonwealth, and shall be called, and notice thereof given, in the manner provided in the by-laws of the company; or, if the by-laws make no provision therefor, shall be called by the president, and a written notice, stating the place, day and hour thereof, shall be given by the clerk, at least seven days before such meeting, to each stockholder by leaving such notice with him or at his residence or usual place of business, or by mailing it, postage prepaid, and addressed to each stockholder at his address as it appears upon the books of the company. Unless the by-laws otherwise provide, a majority in interest of all stock issued and outstanding and entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum. Notices of all meetings of stockholders shall state the purposes for which the meetings are called. No notice of the time, place or purpose of any regular or special meeting of the stockholders shall be required if every stockholder, or his attorney thereunto authorized, by a writing filed with the records of the meeting, waives such notice.