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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10: Financial assistance from the federal government

Section 10. The authority is authorized and directed from time to time to take all necessary action to secure any federal assistance which is or may become available to the commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions, for any of the purposes of this chapter. If any federal law, administrative regulations or practice requires any action relating to such federal assistance to be taken by any department or instrumentality of the commonwealth other than the authority, such other department or instrumentality is authorized and directed to take all such action, including without limitation filing applications for assistance, supervising the expenditure of federal grants or loans to the foregoing, and the authority is hereby authorized and directed to take all actions which are not inconsistent with state law and which are necessary to permit such other department or instrumentality to comply with federal requirements. If the provisions of any federal law, administrative regulation, or practice governing federal assistance for the purposes of this chapter are inconsistent with any provisions of this chapter to the extent that the commonwealth or its political subdivisions are prohibited or potentially prohibited from receiving such assistance, the chairman of the authority shall, within 30 days after the federal government has notified him that an inconsistency may exist, notify the governor, and the clerks of the house and senate of such inconsistency.