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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 41: Electric utility business; public interest factors

Section 41. The authority shall have the power to engage in electric utility business which shall include the generation, transformation, transmission and distribution of electricity for public consumption of electricity used in connection with the mass movement of persons. The authority shall be classified as a domestic electric utility pursuant to chapter 164A solely for the purpose of purchasing electricity and becoming a member of the New England power pool. The authority may exercise any of its rights and powers under chapter 161A necessary or convenient to carry out and effectuate the purpose of providing light, heat and power in connection with the mass movement of persons. In addition, the authority shall have the following powers:

(a) to purchase electric power and energy, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all or a portion of the capacity and output of one or more specific electric power facilities, and steam whether or not produced by an electric power facility;

(b) to purchase electric power and energy and other products of electric power facilities from other utilities, public and private, within and without the commonwealth, political subdivisions; provided, however, that nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize resale of electric power and energy so purchased except as otherwise authorized by law;

(c) to contract for the use of transmission and distribution facilities owned by others for the delivery to the authority, and any such owner is hereby authorized to enter into such contracts with the corporation;

(d) to contract with respect to the purchase, sale, delivery, exchange, interchange, wheeling, pooling, transmission or use of electric power and energy and to otherwise participate in the New England power pool, as defined by section 1 of chapter 164A; and

(e) to do all things necessary, convenient or desirable to carry out the purposes of providing electricity in connection with the mass movement of persons or powers expressly granted or necessarily implied in this chapter.