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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 127A: Destruction of or tampering with, electric or gas lines, meters, etc.; theft of electricity or gas

Section 127A. Whoever unlawfully and intentionally injures or destroys, or suffers to be injured or destroyed, any meter, pipe, conduit, wire, line, pole, lamp or other apparatus belonging to a corporation, including municipal corporations which own municipal lighting plants engaged in the manufacture or sale of electricity or gas or to any person, or unlawfully and intentionally prevents an electric or gas meter from duly registering the quantity of electricity or gas supplied, or in any way interferes with its proper action or just registration, or, without the consent of such corporation or person, unlawfully and intentionally diverts or suffers to be diverted any electric current from any wire or gas from any pipe of such corporation or person, or otherwise unlawfully and intentionally uses or causes to be used, without the consent of such corporation or person, any electricity or gas manufactured or distributed by such corporation, or charged to such person shall be liable to such corporation or person for triple the amount of damages sustained thereby or one thousand dollars whichever is greater. Damages shall include the value of the electricity or gas used and the cost of equipment repair and replacement. Any damages assessed under the provisions of this section in excess of the actual damages sustained by the corporation or person manufacturing, distributing or selling such electricity or gas shall be paid to the commonwealth; provided, however, that if a municipal lighting plant brings an action pursuant to this section such damages in excess of the actual damages shall be paid to such municipal lighting plant.