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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 147: Reporting of lost and unaccounted for gas

Section 147. (a) For the purposes of this section, ''lost and unaccounted for gas'' shall mean an amount of gas that is the difference between the total gas purchased by a gas company and the sum of: (i) total gas delivered to customers; and (ii) total gas used by a gas company in the conduct of its operations.

(b) The department shall issue regulations requiring all gas companies to report to the department, in a uniform manner, lost and unaccounted for gas for each year. Such standards shall include: (i) a method using operational and billing data to determine the total amount of lost and unaccounted for gas and to identify and measure each of its components; and (ii) a method using engineering characteristics and operational data to identify and measure all sources and locations where lost and unaccounted for gas occurs in the natural gas systems.

(c) The department may grant waivers from regulatory requirements as necessary for the development of innovative projects to reduce lost and unaccounted for gas. Such innovative projects shall be intended to reduce costs to ratepayers and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An application for a waiver shall include the goals of the innovative project, the expected cost, the expected benefit to ratepayers and the expected reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.