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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 47E: Facilities for operation of telecommunications systems for municipal use; construction, purchase, lease and maintenance; debt

Section 47E. A municipal lighting plant or a cooperative public corporation and any municipal lighting plant member thereof, established pursuant to this chapter or any general or special law may construct, purchase or lease, and maintain such facilities as may be necessary for the distribution or the operation of a telecommunications system for municipal use or for the use of its customers. Such municipal lighting plant may incur debt for such facilities by a vote taken in the manner prescribed pursuant to section 8 of chapter 44. Such cooperative may incur debt for such facilities pursuant to the provisions of section 47C. Such facilities may include suitable land, structure, machinery, other apparatus and appliances for operating a telecommunications system. Such cooperative or municipal lighting plant, which is engaged in the business of operating a telecommunications system, may, as a part of such business, if an appropriation is made therefor, rent, lease, or sell for cash or credit at prevailing retail prices, install and service, within the territory served by such business, merchandise, equipment, utensils and chattels of any description which are incidental or auxiliary to the operation of said telecommunications system or the use of its customers or are necessary or expedient in the protection or management of its property used in such business. Wherever apt, the provisions of this chapter and chapter 44, which apply to the operation and maintenance of a municipal lighting plant, shall apply also to the operation and maintenance of such telecommunications system.