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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 69Q: Joint inter-agency investigations, hearings or orders; interstate compacts and federal agreements authorized

Section 69Q. The board, in the discharge of its duties under this chapter, is authorized to make joint investigations, hold joint hearings within or without the commonwealth, and issue joint or concurrent orders in conjunction or concurrence with any official agency of any state or of the federal government. Whether in the holding of such investigations of hearings, or in the making of such orders, the board may function under agreements or compacts between states or under the concurrent power of states to regulate interstate commerce, or as an agency of the federal government or otherwise. The board, in the discharge of its duties under this section is further authorized to negotiate and enter into agreements or compacts with agencies of the federal government or other states, pursuant to any consent of congress, for cooperative efforts in certifying the construction, operation and maintenance of energy facilities in accord with the purposes of this section and for the enforcement of the respective laws of the commonwealth or of said states regarding same.