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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 85A: Filing copies of existing contracts with affiliated companies

Section 85A. A gas or electric company that has, prior to the effective date of this section, entered into or shall thereafter enter into any contract with an affiliated company as defined in section eighty-five, for the payment of any fees, salaries, commissions or percentages for services of any kind furnished or rendered, or to be furnished or rendered, to such gas or electric company shall file with the department within ten days after said effective date a copy of any such existing contract and any extension or modification thereof, if in writing, or, if not in writing, a statement of all the terms thereof, and within ten days after the execution of any such contract, or of any extension or modification of any such contract whether or not existing on said effective date, a copy thereof, if in writing, or, if not in writing, a statement setting forth all the terms thereof. A gas or electric company failing to file a copy or statement as required herein shall forfeit five dollars for each day during which such failure continues. All such forfeitures may be recovered by an information in equity brought in the supreme judicial court by the attorney general, at the relation of the department, and when so recovered shall be paid to the commonwealth.