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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 15D: Energized cables in excavations endangering telephone company employees; notice to electric company; precautionary cooperation

Section 15D. No telephone company which has underground wires or cables in a joint trench or other underground location used jointly with an electric company shall require an employee to perform repair work on its wires or cables in any such trench or other such location where energized wires or cables owned by the electric company are present without giving reasonable notice of the time and the place of the proposed repair work to such electric company.

Prior to any excavation at the location specified for such repair work, the electric company so notified shall notify such telephone company of all energized wires and cables owned by the electric company in the area to be excavated, and if the wires and cables of the telephone company cannot be repaired without exposing the employee of the telephone company to contact with the energized wires and cables of the electric company, the electric company shall at the time of the excavation furnish a qualified employee of the electric company to identify and designate to the telephone company employee or employees all energized wires and cables owned by the electric company in such location.