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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22B: Program for prohibition or removal of overhead wires

Section 22B. The planning board of any town, if any, or in a town having no such board, the board of selectmen and the city council of any city or a committee designated and appointed for the purpose by it, may (after completing such preliminary consideration and study, including consultation with any utility as it may deem appropriate) at any time by resolution designating the time and place therefor call a public hearing to ascertain whether the public safety, health, convenience or welfare would be advanced by a program (a) prohibiting new installation or construction of or (b) requiring progressive removal of poles and overhead wires and associated overhead structures within all or any part or parts of the municipality. After such hearing the planning board, board of selectmen, city council or committee, as the case may be, shall make a report of its findings, conclusions, and recommendations which shall be filed with the records of the city council or the town meeting of the municipality.