General Laws

Section 1. The following terms as used in this chapter shall, unless the context requires otherwise, have the following meanings:—

“Community antenna television system” or “CATV system”, a facility as defined by federal law at 47 USC section 522 (7).

“CATV operator” or “Operator”, a person operating a CATV system.

“Department”, the department of telecommunications and cable established by chapter 25C.

“Division”, the division of community antenna television.

“Issuing authority”, the city manager of a city have a plan D or E charter, the mayor of any other city, or the board of selectmen of a town.

“Licensee”, a person who is issued a license pursuant to section 3.

“Area or areas to be served”, may include a municipality or a portion of a municipality in order to reflect within municipal boundaries, the various economic, cultural, geographic and community interests of the citizens residing therein.