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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11: Revocation of license; grounds

Section 11. Any license issued hereunder may after hearing be revoked by the issuing authority or the department for any of the following reasons:?

(a) for false or misleading statements in, or material omissions from any application submitted under section four, five, or any annual return under section eight;

(b) for failure to file and maintain a bond as required under subsection (k) of section five or to maintain insurance as required under subsection (c) of said section;

(c) for repeated violations, as determined by the department, of commitments of a licensee set forth in subsection (j) of section five;

(d) for repeated failure, as determined by the department, to maintain signal quality under the standards provided for in section sixteen;

(e) for any transfer or assignment of a license or control thereof without consent in violation of section seven;

(f) for repeated violations of other obligations of the licensee set forth in section five, except subsection (j), or of the terms of its license;

(g) for failure to complete construction in accordance with the provisions of subsection (n) of section five.