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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 13: Renewal of licenses; forms; requisite information

Section 13. Any license issued hereunder may be renewed after hearing by the issuing authority for additional periods each not to exceed ten years. An application for renewal shall be on forms to be prescribed by the department. Such forms shall set forth such facts as the department may prescribe as to the citizenship and character of the applicant for renewal, and its financial, technical, and other qualifications to operate the system, and complete information as to its principals and ultimate beneficial owners, including in the case of corporations, all stockholders both nominal and beneficial owning one per cent or more of the issued and outstanding stock, and in the case of unincorporated associations, all members and ultimate beneficial owners however designated, in order that the applicant for renewal shall make full disclosure as to its true ownership and as to the source of funds to be used for operation of the system.