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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 16: Issuance of standards and regulations; mediation between cities and towns; representation before F.C.C.; certification of performance; distribution of obscene material

Section 16. The department may after hearing issue such standards and regulations as it deems appropriate to carry out the purpose of this chapter for which purpose it may employ such expert assistants as it deems necessary. The department shall have the authority to mediate between cities and towns and after appropriate notice and hearing to make a final decision, in the event of conflict in the exercise of jurisdiction to authorize or regulate CATV systems. The department shall also represent the interests of the citizens of the commonwealth before the Federal Communications Commission and shall certify the performance of the CATV operators under its jurisdiction to appropriate federal, state and local authorities.

Except as set forth in section three, nothing in this chapter shall prohibit a city or town from prohibiting the distribution on basic service of material, which is obscene as defined in section thirty-one of chapter two hundred and seventy-two, by the licensee to subscribers of said city or town.