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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22: Taking possession of property and business of bank by commissioner

Section 22. Whenever it shall appear to the commissioner that any bank has violated its charter or any law of the commonwealth, or is conducting its business in an unsafe or unauthorized manner, or that its capital is impaired, or if it shall refuse to submit its books, papers and concerns to the inspection of the commissioner or his duly authorized agents, or if any officer of such bank shall refuse to be examined on oath by the commissioner or his duly authorized assistants touching its concerns, or if it shall suspend payment of its obligations, or if from an examination or from a report provided for by law the commissioner shall have reason to conclude that such bank is in an unsound or unsafe condition to transact the business for which it is organized, or that it is unsafe and inexpedient for it to continue business, the commissioner may take possession forthwith of the property and business of such bank and may retain possession thereof until the bank shall resume business or until its affairs shall finally be liquidated as herein provided.