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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32: Property deposited with bank; disposition

Section 32. Should any bank, at the time when the commissioner takes possession thereof, have in its possession for safe keeping and storage, any jewelry, plate, money, securities, valuable papers or other valuable personal property, or should it have rented any box, safes, or safe deposit boxes, or any part thereof, for the storage of property of any kind, the commissioner may at any time after taking possession as aforesaid cause to be mailed to the person claiming or appearing upon the books of the bank to be the owner of such property, or to the person in whose name the safe, vault, or box stands, a written notice in a securely closed postpaid, registered letter, directed to such person at his post office address as recorded upon the books of the bank, notifying such person to remove, within a period fixed by said notice and not less than sixty days from the date thereof, all such personal property; and upon the date fixed by said notice, the contract, if any, between such persons and the bank for the storage of such property, or for the use of said safe, vault or box, shall cease and determine, and the amount of unearned rent or charges, if any, paid by such person shall become debt of the bank to such person. If the property be not removed within the time fixed by the notice, the commissioner may make such disposition of said property as the supreme judicial court, upon application thereto, may direct; and thereupon the commissioner may cause any safe, vault or box to be opened in his presence, or in the presence of one of his special agents and a notary public not an officer or employee of the bank, or of the commissioner, and the contents thereof, if any, to be sealed up by such notary public in a package upon which the notary public shall distinctly mark the name and address of the person in whose name such safe, vault or box stands upon the books of the bank, and shall attach thereto a list and description of the property therein. The package so sealed and addressed, together with the list and description, may be kept by the commissioner in one of the general safes for boxes of the bank until delivered to the person whose name it bears, or may otherwise be disposed of as directed by the court.