General Laws

Section 14. The president, vice presidents, clerk of the corporation and such members of the board of trustees as may be required to be elected under the provisions of section ten shall be elected at the annual meeting. If any such office becomes vacant during the year the trustees may, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, fill the vacancy until the next annual meeting.

The members of the board of investment, the treasurer, vice treasurer, assistant treasurers and such other officers as may be determined to be necessary as provided in section thirteen, shall be elected by the trustees and shall hold office during their pleasure, and the trustees may fill vacancies in such offices at any time.

All trustees and other officers shall be sworn, and shall hold their several offices until others are elected and qualified in their stead; and a record of such qualification shall be made and preserved with the records of such corporation. If a person elected as trustee or other officer of such corporation does not, within forty-five days thereafter, take the oath of office, his office thereupon shall become vacant; provided, that such oath may be taken in person at any office of such corporation or may be taken in writing before a notary public or justice of the peace and transmitted to such corporation within said period.