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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 28: By-laws of savings banks employees retirement association

Section 28. The by-laws of the association shall be submitted to the commissioner and shall prescribe the manner in which, and the officers and agents by whom, the association may be conducted and the manner in which its funds may be invested and paid out. Such association shall be formed when its by-laws have been approved and agreed to by a majority of the trustees of each of 15 or more savings banks, and have been approved by the commissioner. Such association shall annually, on or before December 1, report to the commissioner such statements of its membership and financial transactions for the year ending on the preceding October 31, as the commissioner may consider necessary to show its business and standing. The commissioner may verify such statement by an examination of the books and papers of the association.

The association shall not be subject to chapter 32 or chapter 175 or to other laws that relate to insurance companies or other retirement associations.