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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5: Location of business and name of licensee to be noted on license; change of location, officers, partners, etc.

Section 5. Each license shall state the address at which the business is to be conducted and, if a mobile unit, the appropriate identification thereof, and shall state fully the name of the licensee. If a licensee intends to carry on business in more than one location or, in the case of a mobile unit, in an area greater than that specified on the license, he shall procure a license for each place or area where such business is to be conducted. A copy of such license shall be prominently displayed in the place of business or the mobile unit of the licensee. Such license shall not be transferable or assignable and shall expire annually on June first. A change of location or closing of the place of business of the licensee at the address stated on the license, including any change in the area of operation of a mobile unit, shall require prior approval of the commissioner. A request for such relocation or change in the area of operation shall be in writing setting forth the reasons therefor and shall be accompanied by a relocation investigation fee to be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provisions of section three B of chapter seven.

If there shall be any change among the officers, partners or directors of any licensee, the licensee shall forthwith notify the commissioner of the name, address and occupation of each new officer, partner or director and provide such other information as the commissioner may require.