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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 101C: Reference of amount of loss under policy of fire insurance to referees; payment of charges of third referee

Section 101C. Payment of the third referee's charges, which shall be due and payable, except as hereinafter provided, upon the expiration of the ten day period provided by section one hundred and one B for filing a petition for review, shall in all cases be made by the company, deducting from any award in favor of the insured his share of such charges. Neither payment of such charges to the referee or of an award to the insured, whether or not the sixty day period prescribed in said standard form of policy or in section one hundred and two has expired, shall be made prior to the expiration of said ten day period unless the insured in writing waives his right to petition for a review under section one hundred and one B, nor until notice of the commissioner's decision on such review if a petition therefor is filed as aforesaid; but the company shall not be liable for interest on an award during said period of ten days or pending said decision.

The payment of the compensation or expenses, or both, of any referee shall not in any case preclude the insured or the company from contesting the validity of the award.