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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 110B: Non-payment of premium of accident, health or individual life insurance policy; termination or lapse of policy; notice; limitation of action

Section 110B. No policy of insurance referred to in section one hundred and eight and no policy of individual life insurance issued or delivered in the commonwealth, except a policy which by its terms is cancellable by the company or is renewable or continuable with its consent, or except a policy the premiums for which are payable monthly or at shorter intervals, shall terminate or lapse for nonpayment of any premium until the expiration of three months from the due date of such premium, unless the company within not less than ten nor more than forty-five days prior to said due date, shall have mailed, postage prepaid, duly addressed to the insured at his last address shown by the company's records, or in case any other person shall have been designated to receive premium notices and written designation of the name and address of such person has been given to the company, then to that person, a notice showing the amount of such premium and its due date. Such notice shall also contain a statement as to the lapse of the policy if no payment is made as provided in the policy. If such a notice is not so sent, the premium in default may be paid at any time within said period of three months. The affidavit of any officer, clerk or agent of the company, or of any other person authorized to mail such notice, that the notice required by this section has been duly mailed by the company in the manner hereinbefore required, shall be prima facie evidence that such notice was duly given. No action shall be maintained on any policy to which this section applies and which has lapsed for nonpayment of any premium unless such action is commenced within two years from the due date of such premium.