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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 110J: Group policies issued to trustees of fund appointed by council on aging

Section 110J. Nothing in section one hundred and eight, one hundred and ten, one hundred and thirty-three or one hundred and thirty-four shall be construed to apply to or affect or prohibit the issue of (i) any general or blanket or group policy of accident and health insurance, or (ii) any group policy of life insurance, or (iii) any policy of group life and accident and health insurance, to the trustee or trustees of a fund then existing or a fund to be established where the trustee or trustees of such fund are appointed by a council on aging authorized by section eight B of chapter forty. The policy shall specify the persons who are eligible for insurance and the conditions applicable to such insurance. The premiums for the policy shall be entirely paid for by the persons insured under the policy. Any return of premium or other monies by the insurance company to the trustee or trustees shall be applied or used by the trustee or trustees as specified in the trust instrument.

Said council shall be a duly licensed private nonprofit organization under the laws of the commonwealth in order to be eligible under this section. The council and its trustees shall be responsible for the negotiation, implementation, administration and all obligations and liabilities arising out of the contract; provided, however, that said contract shall be subject to the review and approval of the commissioner of insurance.