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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 146A: Default in payment of premium on policy of industrial life insurance; notice of non-forfeiture benefit

Section 146A. In case of any default in the payment of a premium on any policy of industrial life insurance issued or delivered in the commonwealth by any life company occurring after premiums have been paid thereon for three full years, the company, within six months from the due date of the defaulted premium, shall send by mail to the holder thereof, at his last known address, a notice setting forth any non-forfeiture benefit, other than one elected by the holder, in force under such policy when the notice is mailed. An affidavit of any officer, clerk or agent of the company, or anyone authorized by the company to mail the notice required by this section, that such a notice has been duly mailed on behalf of the company shall be prima facie evidence that such notice was duly mailed. The provisions of this section shall not apply to such a policy on the life of a person who, on the due date of the defaulted premium, is not a resident of the commonwealth, unless the premium on the policy prior to the defaulted premium was paid within the commonwealth to the insurer or its agent.