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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 156A: Cessation of issuance of policies or making of contracts by foreign company upon revocation or suspension of license or failure to maintain required amounts of capital or assets

Section 156A. Every foreign company, other than a life company, whose capital stock or guaranty or deposit capital is reduced below the amounts required by section one hundred and fifty-one, one hundred and fifty-two or one hundred and fifty-five, or is impaired on the basis fixed by sections ten to twelve, inclusive, or whose net cash assets, computed on said basis, or whose contingent assets, required by said section one hundred and fifty-one or one hundred and fifty-two, become at any time from any cause less than the amounts required as aforesaid, and every foreign company whose license has been revoked or suspended as provided in section five, shall forthwith cease to issue policies and to make contracts of insurance in the commonwealth until such capital stock, guaranty or deposit capital or assets have been restored to the amounts required as aforesaid, or said license has been restored by the commissioner, as the case may be. Any company or any officer or agent thereof, issuing any policy or making any contract of insurance contrary to this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars.