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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 178: Receiver of insolvent company; compensation and accounts

Section 178. The compensation of receivers of insolvent companies shall be fixed by the supreme judicial court. All accounts rendered to the court by such receivers, except those rendered by the commissioner when appointed under section one hundred and seventy-nine, shall be referred to the commissioner.

Such receivers, at the expiration of one year after final settlement ordered by the court, shall report to the court the names and residences, if known, of the persons entitled to money or dividends from the estate of such companies remaining in their hands uncalled for, with the amount due to each. The court shall thereupon order a notice to be given by the receivers and, upon the expiration of one year after the time of giving such notice, the receivers shall in like manner report the amounts still uncalled for. Unless cause shall appear for decreeing otherwise, such amounts shall then be ordered to be paid to the commonwealth, and schedules signed by the receivers shall at the same time be deposited with the state treasurer and comptroller, setting forth the decree of the court and the names and residences, so far as known, of the persons or parties entitled thereto, alphabetically arranged, and the amount due to each. The comptroller shall forthwith cause notice of such deposit to be mailed to such persons, and, upon certification by him that a claimant is entitled to any part of said deposit, it shall be paid in the same manner as other claims against the commonwealth. Upon the payment to the commonwealth of such unclaimed money or dividends by the receiver and the allowance by the court of his final account, or at the expiration of one year after the final settlement ordered by the court, if he then has in his hands no unclaimed money or dividends, he shall deposit with the commissioner all books and papers of such company, including those relative to his receivership, which shall be preserved by the commissioner, subject to section forty-two of chapter thirty.