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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 180B: Domestic companies; rehabilitation proceedings

Section 180B. The commissioner may institute a rehabilitation proceeding against a domestic company conducting an intrastate business only, or against a domestic company transacting business in any other reciprocal state for any cause specified in section six, other than that the company has exceeded its powers or has violated any provision of law, by making application to the supreme judicial court for his appointment as receiver to rehabilitate such company and conserve its assets. The court may on such application issue a temporary injunction restraining the company in whole or in part from further proceeding with its business by appointing the commissioner as temporary receiver forthwith and after due notice and opportunity to be heard, appointing the commissioner as permanent receiver and authorize him to take possession of all property and effects of the company and to conduct its business for the purpose of rehabilitating it by taking such measures as may be proper to eliminate the causes and conditions which caused the institution of such proceeding, subject to the order of the court, or may dismiss the petition.

The receiver may at any time make application to the court for the termination of a proceeding under this section and for the return to the company of all its property and effects, with authority to resume the conduct of its business. The court, if satisfied after due notice and a full hearing that the purposes of the proceedings have been substantially accomplished, shall grant such application, provided that no such application instituted on behalf of an impaired insurer, as defined in section one hundred and forty-seven of chapter one hundred and seventy-five, shall be granted except upon compliance with the terms and conditions of subclause (b) of clause (2) of paragraph (B) of subsection 8 of said section 147.

In any rehabilitation proceeding the court may authorize the receiver to employ such counsel and other assistants as may be necessary for the proper conduct of such proceeding. The compensation of such counsel and assistants and all other necessary expenses of conducting such proceeding shall be paid out of the funds or assets of the insurer in the possession of the receiver.