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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 190B: Mass marketed life or health insurance; reasonableness of charges; findings; orders; review

Section 190B. No mass marketed life or health insurance may continue to be sold or offered to persons in the commonwealth if the commissioner finds that the total charges for the insurance to the persons insured are unreasonable in relation to the benefits provided. Any such finding shall be made after hearing after not less than thirty days' written notice to the insurer. The commissioner shall make findings in writing, including the reasons therefore, and may issue an order directing the insurer to cease selling or offering to sell such insurance. Such order shall continue in effect until the total charges for the insurance are found to be reasonable in relation to the benefits. Any person or company aggrieved by any order of the commissioner under this paragraph may, within twenty days from the filing of a memorandum thereof in his office, file a petition in the supreme judicial court for Suffolk county for a review of such order. The order of the commissioner shall remain in full force and effect pending the final decision of the court unless the court or a justice thereof after notice to the commissioner shall by a special order otherwise direct. The court shall have jurisdiction to annul or affirm such order and shall review all questions in accordance with the standards for review provided in paragraph (7) of section fourteen of chapter thirty A and may make any appropriate order or decree.