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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 193G: Policy forms; disapproval; resubmission for approval

Section 193G. Whenever the commissioner notifies a company in writing, pursuant to sections two B, twenty-two A, one hundred and eight, one hundred and thirty-two, one hundred and thirty-two B or one hundred and thirty-four, within thirty days or any extension thereof as authorized in section one hundred and ninety-three F, that in his opinion the form so filed does not comply with the laws of the commonwealth, specifying his reasons therefor, said form, if resubmitted to the commissioner within thirty days of receipt of such notice of disapproval, shall not be issued or delivered in the commonwealth until a copy of such resubmitted form has been on file for thirty days with the commissioner, unless before the expiration of said thirty days the commissioner shall have approved the form in writing, nor if the commissioner notifies the company in writing, within said thirty days, that in his opinion the form of the policy or contract does not comply with the laws of the commonwealth specifying his reasons therefor, provided that such action of the commissioner shall be subject to review by the supreme judicial court. At the expiration of the thirty days specified in this section the resubmitted form shall be deemed approved unless prior to the expiration of said period it has been affirmatively approved or disapproved as hereinabove provided.

To the extent that this section is inconsistent with the provisions of chapter one hundred and seventy-six M and any regulations promulgated thereunder, the provisions of said chapter one hundred and seventy-six M and any such regulations shall govern the terms, conditions, rates and all other matters concerning any policy form that is within the definition of a guaranteed issue health plan in said chapter one hundred and seventy-six M.