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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 216: Annual statement of life settlement provider

Section 216. (a) A life settlement provider shall file with the commissioner, annually on or before March 1, a statement containing such information as the commissioner may prescribe by regulation. In addition to any other requirements, the annual statement shall: (i) specify the total number, aggregate face amount and life settlement proceeds of policies settled during the immediately preceding calendar year, together with a breakdown of the information by policy issue year for each carrier; (ii) include the names of the insurance companies whose policies have been settled; and (iii) include only those transactions where the owner is a resident of the commonwealth; provided, however, that an annual statement shall not include individual transaction data regarding the business of life settlements or information that there is a reasonable basis to believe could be used to identify the owner or the insured.

(b) A life settlement provider that willfully fails to file an annual statement or willfully fails to reply within 30 days after receipt of a written inquiry by the commissioner in connection therewith shall, in addition to any other penalties prescribed by law, be subject, upon due notice and opportunity to be heard, to a penalty of up to $250 per day of delay, not to exceed $25,000 in the aggregate, for each such failure.