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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22: Unauthorized policy provisions; effect

Section 22. No company and no officer or agent thereof shall make, issue or deliver any policy of insurance or any annuity or pure endowment contract containing any condition, stipulation or agreement depriving the courts of the commonwealth of jurisdiction of actions against it; limiting the time for commencing actions against it to a period of less than two years from the time when the cause of action accrues; making any person appointed and licensed as its agent the agent of the applicant or insured or holder of the policy or contract for any purpose; providing that no person shall be deemed an agent of the company unless authorized by the company in writing, or providing that any such policy or contract made in the commonwealth on lives, property or interests therein shall be governed by the laws of any state or country other than this commonwealth. Any such condition, stipulation or agreement shall be void.

No policy of insurance issued by a company under the authority of section twenty-four, one hundred and eight and one hundred and ten, and no contract or agreement entered into by the trustee of any trust fund authorized by chapter one hundred and fifty-one D, shall contain a provision excluding liability on the part of the insurance company or health and welfare fund for hospital, medical or surgical expenses if the insured is hospitalized or receives medical or surgical treatment in a soldiers' home established by the commonwealth. Any such provision shall be void. Expenses as used in this paragraph shall mean the charges of such soldiers' homes for the services rendered and such charges shall be deemed to have been legally incurred by persons insured under such policies notwithstanding that such person is entitled to benefits under chapter one hundred fifteen A or that no bill is, or would otherwise be, rendered by such soldiers' homes with respect to such persons. The foregoing provisions shall apply to any group or non-group policy of insurance delivered, issued or renewed, by any domestic insurer under the authority of this chapter, or by any alien or foreign insurer to the extent such policies cover persons having a residence within the commonwealth, or to any employee health plan of any company or other business entity where the company or business entity is a self-insurer of such employee health plan.