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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22A: Combination of hazards; approval

Section 22A. No company shall issue any policy of insurance which provides coverage against loss or damage caused by hazards specified in more than one of the clauses of section forty-seven, or which provides coverage against loss or damage to, or loss of use of, motor vehicles resulting from collision, fire, lightning, any larceny, pilferage, theft, malicious mischief, vandalism or any other perils usually insured against, or which insures any person against legal liability for loss or damage on account of the bodily injury or death of any other person or on account of any damages to property of another, arising out of the ownership, maintenance, control or use of motor vehicles, until a copy of the form of the policy has been on file for thirty days with the commissioner, unless before the expiration of said thirty days he shall have approved the form of the policy in writing; nor if the commissioner notifies the company in writing within said thirty days that the form of the policy does not comply with the laws of the commonwealth, specifying his reasons therefor, provided that the opinion of the commissioner shall be subject to review by the supreme judicial court; but nothing in the foregoing provisions of this section shall permit the incorporation in any policy issued under section one hundred and eleven A or one hundred and seventeen A, or any policy subject to section one hundred and eight or one hundred and thirteen A or one hundred and thirty-two, of any coverage not otherwise permitted by this chapter to be incorporated therein. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to policies authorized by section fifty-four D. Nothing in this section shall prohibit combining the following coverages, by rider or otherwise, within a single policy or contract: (a) life or endowment insurance or annuity, survivorship annuity or pure endowment insurance subject to section 132 and (b) any form of accident and sickness insurance subject to section 108.