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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4: Application of chapter

Section 4. A certified fund shall be exempt from the provisions of chapters one hundred seventy-four A, one hundred seventy-five D, one hundred seventy-four B, one hundred seventy-five, one hundred seventy-five A, one hundred seventy-six, one hundred seventy-six A, one hundred seventy-six B, one hundred seventy-six C, one hundred seventy-six E, and one hundred seventy-six F, and from the provisions of any other statute relating to insurance. A certified fund shall not be considered to be an insurer and any participant shall not be considered a purchaser of insurance under the provisions of section six of chapter three hundred sixty-two of the acts of nineteen hundred and seventy-five. Any such participant or other person to whom coverage is provided by a fund shall receive any dividends to which it would be entitled and shall be subject to any assessments due from it as a ''policyholder'' under said section 6 if such dividends or assessments relate to any year during which that participant or other person purchased insurance from the Joint Underwriting Association under said section six.

The provisions of this chapter shall be subject to the enforcement provisions of sections three A and three B of chapter one hundred and seventy-five.

A hearing held under this chapter shall be subject to the commissioner's powers under section eight A of chapter one hundred and seventy-five.

A fund shall be subject to the provisions of section twenty of said chapter one hundred and seventy-five as they relate to insurance companies.

A fund shall be subject as an insurer to the provisions of chapter one hundred and seventy-six D.