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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4: Examination of risk-bearing provider organization's alternate payment arrangements with downside risk; report

Section 4. (a) The commissioner may make an examination of the affairs of a risk-bearing provider organization regarding its alternate payment arrangements with downside risk when the commissioner deems prudent but, not less frequently than once every 3 years. The focus of the examination shall be to ensure that a risk-bearing provider organization is not subject to adverse conditions which in the commissioner's determination have at least a moderate potential to impact a risk-bearing entity's ability to meet its risk-bearing responsibilities under any alternative payment contracts. The examination shall be conducted according to the procedures set forth in subsection (6) of section 4 of chapter 175.

(b) The commissioner, a deputy or an examiner may conduct an on-site examination of each risk-bearing provider organization in the commonwealth to thoroughly inspect and examine its affairs and ascertain its financial condition in the context of its ability to fulfill its risk-bearing obligations.

(c) The charge for each such examination shall be determined annually according to the procedures set forth in subsection (6) of section 4 of chapter 175.

(d) The assets and liabilities of the risk-bearing provider organization shall be allowed and computed, in any report of an examination under this section, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or as the commissioner may otherwise deem appropriate.

(e) No later than 60 days following completion of the examination, the examiner in charge shall file with the commissioner a verified written report of examination under oath. Upon receipt of the verified report, the commissioner shall transmit the report to the risk-bearing provider organization examined together with a notice which shall afford the risk-bearing provider organization examined a reasonable opportunity of not more than 30 days to make a written submission or rebuttal with respect to any matters contained in the examination report. Within 30 days of the end of the period allowed for the receipt of written submissions or rebuttals, the commissioner shall consider and review the reports together with any written submissions or rebuttals and any relevant portions of the examiner's work papers and enter an order:

(i) adopting the examination report as filed with modifications or corrections and, if the examination report reveals that the risk-bearing provider organization is operating in violation of this section or any regulation or prior order of the commissioner, the commissioner may order the J risk-bearing provider organization to take any action the commissioner considered necessary and appropriate to cure such violation;

(ii) rejecting the examination report with directions to examiners to reopen the examination for the purposes of obtaining additional data, documentation or information and re-filing pursuant to the above provisions; or

(iii) calling for an investigatory hearing with no less than 20 days notice to the risk-bearing provider organization for purposes of obtaining additional documentation, data, information and testimony.

(f) Notwithstanding any other General Law to the contrary, including clause Twenty-sixth of section 7 of chapter 4 and chapter 66, the records of any such audit, examination or other inspection and the information contained in the records, reports or books of any risk-bearing provider organization examined pursuant to this section shall be confidential and open only to the inspection of the commissioner, or the examiners and assistants. Access to such confidential material may be granted by the commissioner to law enforcement officials of the commonwealth or any other state or agency of the federal government at any time, so long as the agency or office receiving the information agrees in writing to hold such material confidential. Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit the required production of such records, and information contained in the reports of such company or organization before any court of the commonwealth or any master or auditor appointed by any such court, in any criminal or civil proceeding, affecting such risk-bearing provider organization, its officers, partners, directors or employees. The final report of any such audit, examination or any other inspection by or on behalf of the division of insurance shall be a public record.