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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 17C: Associations of public school teachers; payroll deductions for dues

[ Text of section effective until September 19, 2019. Repealed by 2019, 73, Sec. 6.]

  Section 17C. Deductions on payroll schedules may be made from the salaries of a school teacher for the current dues of teacher associations, local, county, state or national, as authorized by such teacher in writing to the city, town or district school committee by which he is employed. Any such authorization may be withdrawn by such teacher by giving at least sixty days' notice in writing of such withdrawal to said school committee. The specific amount of the current dues of each of said associations shall be certified to the school committee by the local association treasurer on or before September fifteenth of each school year. The treasurer of the city, town or district shall deduct from the salary of such teacher such amount of dues as may be certified to him on the payroll and transmit the sum so deducted to said association within thirty days of such deduction; provided, that the city, town or district treasurer is satisfied by such evidence as he may require that the treasurer of such association has given to said association a bond, in a form approved by the commissioner of revenue, for the faithful performance of his duties, in a sum and with such surety or sureties as are satisfactory to the city, town or district treasurer. This section shall take effect in each city, town or regional school district which accepts the provisions hereof by vote of its school committee.