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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11: By-laws; mandatory provisions

Section 11. In addition to other provisions required or permitted by law, the by-laws of the organization of unit owners shall provide at all times for at least the following:—

(a) The method of providing for the necessary work of maintenance, repair and replacement of the common areas and facilities and payments therefor, including the method of approving payment vouchers.

(b) The manner of collecting from the unit owners their share of the common expenses.

(c) The procedure for hiring all personnel, including whether or not a manager or managing agent may be engaged.

(d) The method of adopting and of amending administrative rules and regulations governing the details of the operation and use of the common areas and facilities.

(e) Such restrictions on and requirements respecting the use and maintenance of the units and the use of the common areas and facilities, not set forth in the master deed, as are designed to prevent unreasonable interference with the use of their respective units and of the common areas and facilities by the several unit owners.