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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14: Taxation and betterment assessments; lien

Section 14. Each unit and its interest in the common areas and facilities shall be considered an individual parcel of real estate for the assessment and collection of real estate taxes but the common areas and facilities, the building and the condominium shall not be deemed to be a taxable parcel. Except as provided in section 53E3/4 of chapter 44 and section 127B1/2 of chapter 111, betterment assessments or portions thereof, annual sewer use charges, water rates and charges and all other assessments, or portions thereof, rates and charges of every nature due to a city, town or district with respect to the condominium or any part thereof, other than real estate taxes, may be charged or assessed to the organization of unit owners; provided, however, that any lien of the city, town or district provided by law therefor shall attach to the units in proportion to the percentages, set forth in the master deed on record, of the undivided interests of the respective units in the common areas and facilities.