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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 33: Plan of land and muniments of title; filing; withdrawal; further survey

Section 33. The plaintiff shall file with the complaint a plan of the land, and all original muniments of title within his control. Such original muniments as affect land not included in the complaint may be withdrawn upon filing certified copies thereof. If a complaint is dismissed or discontinued, the plaintiff may, with the consent of the court, withdraw such original muniments of title. The court may, in any case before judgment, require a further survey to be made for the purpose of determining boundaries and may order durable bounds to be set, and referred to in the complaint, by amendment. The expense of survey and bounds shall be taxed in the costs of the case and may be apportioned among the parties as justice may require. If no persons appear to oppose the complaint, such expense shall be borne by the plaintiff.