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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 45: Judgment of confirmation and registration; opening of judgment; remedies of aggrieved persons

Section 45. If the court, after hearing, finds that the plaintiff has title proper for registration, a judgment of confirmation and registration shall be entered, which shall bind the land and quiet the title thereto, subject only to the exceptions stated in the following section. It shall be conclusive upon and against all persons, including the commonwealth, whether mentioned by name in the complaint, notice or citation, or included in the general description ''to all whom it may concern''. Such judgment shall not be opened by reason of the absence, infancy or other disability of any person affected thereby, nor by any proceeding at law or in equity for reversing judgments or decrees; subject, however, to the right of any person deprived of land, or of any estate or interest therein, by a judgment of registration obtained by fraud to file a complaint for review within one year after the entry of the judgment, provided no innocent purchaser for value has acquired an interest. If there is any such purchaser, the judgment of registration shall not be opened but shall remain in full force and effect forever, subject only to the right of appeal as provided by law from time to time. But any person aggrieved by such judgment in any case may pursue his remedy in tort against the plaintiff or against any other person for fraud in procuring the judgment.