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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 83: Registration of order continuing, reducing or dissolving attachment on mesne process

Section 83. If an attachment on mesne process is continued, reduced, dissolved or otherwise affected by an order, decision or judgment of the court where the action or proceeding in which said attachment was made is pending, or by an order of a court having jurisdiction in insolvency or bankruptcy, a certificate of the entry of such order, decision or judgment from the clerk or register and under the seal of the court, shall be entitled to be registered on presentation to the assistant recorder. A like certificate of the allowance by the court of an amendment which a subsequent attaching creditor or purchaser contends had the effect of dissolving an attachment may be registered as an amendment allowed, but shall not be conclusive of dissolution, unless the court where the action or suit is pending adjudicates that the amendment dissolved the attachment, whereupon a certificate of the order, when it becomes absolute, shall be registered as a dissolution of the attachment.